Thursday, August 12, 2010

When Did I Become the Mother of a Kindergartner?

Holy Cow! Where does the time go? What the heck happened to my “baby”? Dalton started kindergarten last week!! He is going to year round school so he started a little earlier than most.

The first day of school. I have dreaded that day for months. Well, I’ve dreaded it for the entire last year, to be honest!


We got up early and I made Dalton’s favorite breakfast…eggs and bacon! That’s what he had picked out the night before. We ate, we got ready, and we left. Jackson was also starting daycare that same day. We went first to the daycare to drop off J (because it is very close to the house). Jackson, as I expected, cried when we left. As we were walking away down the hall, and I can still hear him crying, it took everything I had to not cry, too!

Then we went to Dalton’s school. Being the first day, EVERYONE was dropping their kids off, and the school really doesn’t have any parking, so we had to park about four blocks away!!


Dalton was so excited to go! He had absolutely no reservations about going, about us leaving him, anything! He’s such a social butterfly!

He put his backpack and lunch box in his cubby, took some pictures, and he promptly asked when we were going to leave!!



We found his name tag, and he went about his coloring! Again, I had to work very hard not to cry.


I just can’t believe how well he did, there really was no adjustment period. So then we walk out to the car, and I’m driving back to the house so that Chris can get his car and go to work…and I’m silently crying the whole way home. (I did NOT let Dalton see me cry!). When we walked through the door, I went to the bedroom and just sobbed! I know, I’m such a pansy! When did I become such a softie??

Last week they reviewed colors and shapes, and this week they’ve been going over colors/words of colors, etc. On Tuesday he came home with just a little homework…very small stuff. Practice writing his name, and then color in a page that had the names of the colors written out, and he was to color it the correct color. So I sit down with him and I’m about to make him say the letters out loud and sound them out to me when he says “Mom. R-E-D. That spells ‘red’.” WHAT?!? I was probably way more proud than I should have been, but what?!? Well, okay then, smarty-pants, you just go right ahead with what you’re doing!

I am so proud of him.

Jackson has adjusted pretty well to daycare, although he’s already sick! By the end of the first week, he had an ear infection and sinus infection. And by Tuesday of this week, he had a fungal infection! Ok, it’s ringworm. But “fungal infection” sounds so much better than “ringworm”. When I took him to the doctor, the doctor said that they have seen numerous cases of ringworm from kids (all boys for some reason) from several different daycares, and it’s going around. Even the doctor’s nurse’s son got it from his daycare!

Jackson stayed home yesterday and today until his anti-fungal meds kick in…he will take them for SIX WEEKS, and every two weeks we have to take him in to have his liver and kidneys checked. Bleh.

But all in all, it’s gone really well. Jackson now copies everything Dalton does…and he will carry Dalton’s lunch box out to the car in the mornings (oh, how he LOVES to carry the lunchbox!). Tonight he started wearing Dalton’s backpack around the house, which totally cracked us up, because it’s about as big as he is!!


I mean, how cute is he?!?

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