Monday, March 29, 2010

Some Recent Pictures

Just some recent photos that I thought were either funny or cute.

Jackson just REALLY likes to torture sit on Dalton!

March 2010 028

March 2 2010 204

March 2 2010 205

And he likes to do pretty much anything that Dalton does…brush his teeth, play on the Smart Cycle (even though he’s not tall enough to actually get on the seat OR pedal…)

March 2 2010 038

March 2 2010 099

 March 2 2010 100

And just a good family photo of the Bane side of the family…

March 3 2010 015

Saturday, March 27, 2010

It’s Never Ending

Being busy. It never ends! We’ve been working on so many home projects, and had family here, and had Dalton’s birthday…whew!

Chris’s dad and step-mom were here last weekend for Dalton’s 5th birthday…well, technically, they were here for his party. His actual birthday was Thursday.

We had his party at Jump Zone this year, and it was a blast! Here are the majority of kids that came, minus the babies…

March 2 2010 146

Jackson enjoying himself! He had a blast!

 March 2 2010 108

March 2 2010 120

Dalton and Davis.

March 2 2010 131

This is, perhaps, my favorite picture. There’s this HUGE ship with an octopus on it, and it’s a big giant slide. It goes almost all the way to the ceiling. So Grandpa and Dalton come down…Dalton’s face says “Cool, let’s do it again!” and I think Grandpa’s face says something to the effect of, “Oh, crap!”

March 2 2010 138

March 4 2010 031

March 4 2010 026

Big D’s cake.

March 2 2010 151

March 4 2010 043

Dalton and Taya.

March 2 2010 152

Opening his presents in his King’s chair. :)

March 2 2010 167

Playing with a new toy with Grandpa. He’s so much fun! 

March 2 2010 202

Playing Wii with Grandpa!

March 2 2010 213

AND he got a scooter from Grandpa and Grandma Bane! Super cool!

March 4 2010 067

It snowed a foot the weekend they were here…no, I’m not kidding. First day of spring and it snows a foot! But it was mostly all gone within 24 hours.

We’ve been working on a lot of home projects, too. We’ve replaced all the interior doors in the house, and with that goes new hardware…doorknobs and hinges. We added insulation to the attic. We replaced all the door bottoms on exterior doors, and replaced the weather stripping. We replaced the kitchen faucet, put in our vegetable garden (although haven’t planted our seeds yet), painted the accent walls in the dining room and our bedroom, and painted all the trim in the house. (My sister Julie has done most of this stuff!!) A week from Monday, we’re getting the carpet torn out and wood floors installed! YAY! So this weekend, I’ve been packing. The floor company will move all the furniture, but we have to move all the stuff off the bookshelves, off the computer desk, the TV equipment, the toys, anything on the floor, etc, so I packed up about 6 or 7 boxes today. And in one month, we’ll be getting our new windows installed! It’s sure been busy!

To top it off, Jackson has a nasty cold, and now I’ve got it too, plus a ripe sinus infection. Bleh. But we’re slowly getting things done around here, and I must say, it feels great!! 

Friday, March 5, 2010

SO Busy

We got our camera back. Can you tell?

It's been SO busy the last couple of weeks. Dalton has been to two birthday swimming party at the Jone's Center for Families for Madeleine's birthday.

And a bowling party for Taya's birthday.
Jackson, meanwhile, is getting onto (and into) everything. He's on the couch, he's up on chairs, he's up on the dining room table (yes, you heard correctly, HE'S ON THE TABLE!). There's no stopping him.

And when the boys get up in the morning and at nap time, if Dalton hears ONE LITTLE PEEP out of Jackson, he runs into his room for play time! This is what I found the other day after nap time...

And no, J does NOT sleep with all that stuff in his crib! It took Dalton all of two seconds to throw all that in there. We've had several play dates recently. And Aunt Julie has been here all week long working on home projects for us. She started with helping Chris add insulation to the attic. Then she moved on to repainting the accent walls in our bedroom and dining room. She has replaced all the weather stripping and door bottoms on all the exterior doors. We have purchased all new doors for the interior, including closet doors, so Julie has been working on cutting knob holes, adding hinges, painting, etc. I'll post pictures of all the updates when complete.

I think the best news this week, though, is that the judge has finally signed off on our settlement! So we'll be able to move forward with all the bigger house projects on our windows, fireplace insert, etc. We've got our work cut out for us!