Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Grandma and Grandpa Bane

So back in the early part of June, Grandma and Grandpa Bane came to visit from California!! Dalton had been looking SO forward to them coming. It's funny because I told Chris that we can no longer tell Dalton ahead of time when something special is coming up, because he has no sense of time. So he spends an entire month asking over and over when we'll be doing that special thing. Well, I broke my own rule and told him about four days before their arrival. Every day, he got up and the first words out of his mouth were "Are Grandma and Grandpa coming today?!?" And every day I had to break his heart!
But they finally made it! We had so much fun while they were there. This is the first visit where I haven't had to work...in the past I've either taken vacation and worried about what was piling up while I was gone, or I would work half days to get it done, but had to miss part of their visit. It was really nice this time around to not have to worry about that! Even better, since my "job" now is taking care of the boys, it was even better because they helped out!!
This picture of Jackson was taken at their hotel room one day after we went swimming. Isn't he cute?

Jackson had his very first experience swimming while they were here. I thought, hey perfect! The pool is inside and heated, and I don't have to worry about sun burn... but he didn't care for it too much. :)

Grandpa enjoyed getting on the floor and rolling around with J.

And Grandma sure was more relaxed! I can remember when they came for the first visit after Dalton's birth (I think he was a week old). Jil was so worried that she would drop Dalton, or hurt him somehow. With Jackson though, since she'd had recent baby exposure, she was much better!!

We did a ton of fun stuff while they were here...Turpentine Creek, Pea Ridge Military Park...I'll post more in the coming days, there's just way too many pictures for one posting!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Catch Up Time

So now it's time to play catch up!! But let me ask all you other bloggers out there that use blog spot...is anyone else out there having trouble once you upload photos? It used to be so simple to upload five or six or however many pictures and move them around to where I wanted them. But now I'm having trouble moving them down the page...are any of you having that same problem??

So let me start with an update on my fundraiser for the rescue...we were able to raise an amazing $5,200!! That's more than double what we raised last year. My goal was to hit $3,500 this year, which would have been a thousand dollar increase. Below is a photo and caption that ran in the local paper...the quality isn't great because they didn't post it on their website, so all I could do was cut it out of the paper and scan it in.

We FINALLY got Dalton a pool for the back yard, just one of those little plastic ones. We always wait too long and in past years they always sold out before we bought one, but we did it this year! Here he is doing "a cannon ball" (or his version anyway). As you can see by the hair, this was taken before the great self haircut of '09.

And here's the happy little man!! He's still just rolling all over the place. Still not sitting up on his own yet. But hey? Who needs to sit up or crawl or walk when you can get everywhere by rolling?
As you can see, he can still fall asleep anywhere!!
It was really cute the other night...he fell asleep like that, and Chris was putting Dalton to bed. Dalton found one of Jackson's rattles in his room, and he said that he had to go give it back to Jackson. So he comes out, finds that Jackson is asleep, and this is where he put it.

What a goof ball!! So in the following few days, I will be posting pics and stories and updates from the last several weeks (I hope). It will be a busy few days coming up...dentist on Monday, doctor on Tuesday, cat going to vet on Wednesday with a baby shower Wednesday afternoon, have Michael on Thursday...I could go on but don't want to bore you with the mundane details of my life!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Another Trajedy

So I've been really really bad about blogging these last few weeks, with good reason. Chris' dad and step-mom were here the last week, and we had a blast and did lots of fun stuff, but I'll have to save that for another post. Plus, my rescue group is gearing up for our largest fundraiser of the year, and I've been super busy preparing for that.

Now, yesterday I went to a baby shower (which is not the main focus of this post). Chris was home with the boys while I was there. On my way home, I picked up a kitten that was in the middle of the highway that I almost ran over (also not the main focus of this post). When I get home, I walk through the door, and Chris says "Oh, by the way, Dalton gave Peanut a haircut with your eyebrow scissors." What? So I track down Peanut, and sure enough, he's got a fresh new do!!

Dalton cut his whiskers off. And there are also large chunks of hair missing from several places on the back of his neck and all down his back.

So, I go to find Dalton to have a discussion with him about how he should NOT be cutting any one's hair...not his own, not the pets, that only mommy should cut hair....and I walk into his room and this is what I find.

He cut his own hair! And what a terrible spot, right in the middle of his forehead, and down to the scalp!!!! I was so upset with him. He had such "pretty" hair (if a boy's hair can be pretty, his definitely was.) I asked Chris if he knew that, and of course he didn't. He notices the cat's hair cut but not Dalton's!!
So I sat there for a minute, and decided that even though it KILLED me to have to do it, that it would look so much better if we just shaved his head. THE HORROR! So Dalton, of course, cries and cries. He said that it was going to hurt, and I explained that it wouldn't hurt, and it would grow back. So then he says "Okay." And that was that.
So we shaved it.
I cried as I started to shave his head. It was horrible. And then got teary eyed again as I looked at the floor when we were done, and all his beautiful hair was laying in piles on the floor.
And Dalton looked at me and said, "It's just hair, Mommy, it will grow back." Well, yeah, I guess you're right, oh wise one.
Later he said he liked it, because it was short like Daddy's (Daddy's hair is not that short!!). I told him not to get used to it, because when it grows out, we're keeping it the way we always have. But then today I sent him out to play and had to put sunscreen on his head, and he said he hated his hair. :)

He looks pretty proud of himself in the above picture. I just can't believe that he did this, I am so upset! And yes, I know...It's ONLY hair, and it will grow back. But.... but.... but... his hair!!!