Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Trouble Keeping Up

Man, I am seriously having trouble keeping up with everything! Between working full time again, the boys and Chris, the house, the pets, and Save Our Strays…seriously, I am pooped!!

Just some cute pics for you. I thought I’d better get some out here so that the grandparents will get off my back (*cough* Dennis/Jil *cough*). Some of these pictures are king of grainy and washed out…a setting got changed on our camera and I can’t figure out how to fix out (I bet it was Jackson…)

Chris let the boys get in some coloring one night…


And now Jackson has tattoos!!


The boys helping me make banana bread…


I thought it was pretty funny that Jackson will run around in my shoes…


…until I figured out that he uses them to make himself just thismuchtaller to reach stuff!!

And I’m diggin’ our new king size bed, because when Dalton sleeps in it, he looks like my tiny little boy again. :)


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