Wednesday, March 5, 2014


It’s done. D.O.N.E.

Jackson is officially registered for kindergarten. What? When? How? How did this happen? When did my baby get so big, and old, and just… Just…

I went today to his assigned school and finished up the registration. It’s still kind of up in the air as to which school he will be going to, and even what calendar he will be on. We wanted year round, but there’re way too many kids now that requested year round school. They held a random lottery and unfortunately, Jackson didn't get in. He’s been wait-listed! 

The weird thing is that Dalton did get year round. We weren't sure if he would, because we had to switch schools since we moved at the end of last summer.

So. Right now Dalton is in year round, and Jackson is registered for traditional. Bizarre-o.

I just don’t know how the last 5 years (almost 6) have gone by so fast! It will be nice to not have to pay for full time daycare anymore, I realize that. But that’s about the only positive thing I can come up with for right now!

It is so weird to me. This little booger is starting school? 

 Bless all those teachers and school workers...cause they broke the mold with this one. Those teachers are in for it!!!

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